Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Plastic Cacadors ready for paint

Hi guys

OK, I think these are ready for paint, Have added moustaches powder horns and re did the plumes since the last pics, I just want to add some lace to the officers cuffs then that will be it, unless any of you can see an area that is wrong or could be better, all c&c welcome, as for colours, I'm not really concerned with what unit I do, I will go for the most interesting colours, the 11th Cacadors sound good, brown uniform with red collar and sky blue cuffs, I will try to paint these dirty and faded.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

plastic Cacadors WIP 2 a couple of questions

Hi guys

Wasn't happy with the results of these after taking the first pictures, so have done more work to them, I have
1) added more hair/sideburns
2) added water bottle cap and strap
3) added extra buttons to the chest lace.
4) added pointy cuffs
Again I thought these were ready foe paint, but now I'm thinking of adding a powder horn, waist belt and box on right hip (mine are armed with muskets should they have that box?) and should I re do the shako plumes? the plastic ones are to perfect, want a campaign look to these.

Friday, 21 October 2016

28mm Saxon Guard Grenadiers

Hi guys

Painted these for a friend, 28mm Saxon Guard Grenadiers and Artillery, not sure who makes them, but pretty sure they are Paul Hicks sculpts, nice figures, all comments welcome.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

15mm AB Saxon army and ACW generals

Hi guys

I have painted at least 5 largish 15mm Saxon army commissions, and have just finished the largest one so far, I wont concentrate on post pics of the infantry as I have post many pics of these types before, just an overall pic to show size of the army, but there are some Cavalry units I haven't painted before, so will show more pics of those
Prinz Clemens Uhlans - green and red
Saxon Zastrow Cuirassiers - yellow with black cuirass
Saxon gaurde du corps - yellow and blue
Saxon Hussars - blue and white
Saxom Leib Grenadiers - red and yellow infantry
as well as my first 15mm ACW in the form of AB generals sets
All comments welcome